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Mazes are fun and puzzle books are hot!

Discover the easiest way to create Mazes for both your personal and commercial products!

(and we auto-generate the solutions too!)


Simply Maze Crazy!

A web based solution that is so simple anyone can use it.

  • Log Into The Simply Maze Crazy App

    Simply Maze Crazy is web based which means you can use it from your PC, Mac, Tablet and more.

  • Press The Generate Maze Button

    It really is that simple!  You can generate a maze within minutes of loging in.

  • Download Your Maze

    Once you generate your maze you can click the button to download and save it on your computer.

Step-by-step video tutorials are available to guide you.

Create mazes of almost any complexity!

From Super Easy To Awesomely Complex -
Just move a slider to adjust how you want it.

  • Super Easy

    Young kids, special needs, and other projects where you need it super simple.

  • Step it up

    Keep moving the slider up to make them more challenging

  • Now this is hard

    Up and up on the slider to make them more hard.  You can even keep going up from here! We’ll leave that for you to explore.

psst - This isn't even half way hard!

Yup!  You can even change the colors!

(you can color the solutions too)

Unrestricted rights to the mazes you create!

Use Your Mazes In A Variety of Personal & Commercial Creations.

  • Printables

    Print them out.  Add them to printables for baby showers, birthday parties, placemats and more.

  • Puzzle Books & Maze Books

    Make your own maze books or add them to your puzzle books that you can sell on Amazon, Etsy, Ebay and others.

  • Physical Products

    Add them to physical products like coffee mugs, mouse pads, t-shirts and more.

You can even make your own PLR (Private Label Rights) packs of mazes and sell them!

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