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Discover A Hidden Income Stream That You Can Tap Into In Minutes With Little To No Design Skills!

Lean closer and let me tell you a little secret ...

I'm sure you've seen those fun puzzle maze books but have you ever realized that there is huge market for them?

I'm sure you've probably seen them on Amazon, heck maybe you've even ordered a couple.  

What about if there was a easy way to do it and you could get started today?

Nope you don't need design skills, it's super easy, fast and fun.

We put a new twist on a classic and break into a hidden market on Amazon and Etsy for maze books and printables with thousands of hungry buyers!


Simply Maze Crazy

Our amazing cloud based software program and training that shows you how to make mazes and turn them into money-making books, printables and more!!

A web based solution that is so simple anyone can use it.

Start out easy

Choose the shape and how complex

We got some fun built in shapes. Just choose one and move a slider for how complex you want your maze

Let the software create a maze for you

Press the Generate Maze Button and the software automatically gets to work creating a maze for you in the blink of an eye. Don't like it, press the button and make a new one

Download Your Design

It's that easy. We save in the standard PNG graphic format.  Perfect for publishing, creating and sharing!

Oh It Doesn't Stop There!!

Simply Maze Crazy is the most flexible maze generation program on the market - HANDS DOWN!

You can create maze books and printables that BLOW AWAY the competition!

Mazes From Shapes

You can upload shapes and create mazes from them

Create the solution path you want

Simply drag the start and end flags anywhere in your maze and we find the solution for you!

Edit the Maze

No other maze program lets you actually go in and edit the maze.  Remove a wall, write your name, create your own shapes!  Your imagination is the limit! 

Now Others Would Stop There - BUT NOT US

When we said Simply Maze Crazy is the most flexible - heck, we'll even go as far as saying "The Best" - wait till we show you what else we can do!

Use Underlays

You can upload images and adjust the transparency

Multiple Download Options

Choose what you need: maze, solution, with or without start end markers, hide the underlays.  You got the control

We Got Your Back

Okay, not really a feature but I wanted to sneak this in here! We have bunches of training and we do new live trainings all the time. We got you!

Just one more quickie...

You can even change all the graphics to make the most awesome, unique, crazy mazes ever!! (Sorry, we couldn't resist telling you one more)

There's more but let's stop there.  I don't want you to get scared by all these features.  We made it super easy to use


We have video tutorials for everything and every step of the way!

We want to help you create profit sucking products that leave your competition in the dust!!!!!!!!


Other programs give you personal or commercial rights and then put restrictions on you. Not us! We give you full unrestricted rights to the mazes you create! Use them where-ever and how-ever you wish!

Use Your Images In A Variety of Personal & Commercial Creations.

Maze and Puzzle Books

Make your own books or add them to your puzzle books that you can sell on Amazon, Etsy, Ebay and others.


Print them out. Use them at baby showers, birthday parties, placemats and more.

Physical Products

Add them to physical products like T-shirt's, mugs, mousepads and more. They're great and unique gifts.

Great for Young and Old

Both young and old like mazes. Great for hand-eye coordination and logical deduction.

PLR Products

Create your own PLR products. Give them away as lead magnets or sell them for others to use. Your unrestricted license lets you do all that!

And many more ideas!

Get Started

So what do you get?

  • Our amazing web based software that allows you to quickly make mazes of all types

  • Choose between preselected shapes or upload your own. YEP - you can make shape mazes of your liking.

    The skys the limit!

  • The ability to add your own graphic images for templates, underlays, enhancements and more.

  • The only program with the ability for you to jump in and edit a maze!  Create a wall, write your name, and more.

    This feature will blow your mind!!

  • A complete set of video tutorials over the software and creating your first mazes.

  • Access to a "Customer Only" Facebook group where you can interact with other like-minded people. Book publishers, printable creators, kindle authors, physical product creators and more.

  • Top notch support always ready to help

Take the advantage of this amazing software and step-by-step training at an extremely low price.

Unlimited Maze Creation
Unlimited Downloads

No Monthly Fee - One Time Price

  • Your transactions are 100% secured. We use the best possible encryption method available.

  • Okay, this is my last demo.

    I promise

    "We take your satisfaction seriously"

    by giving you solutions that work!

    Robert Borsuk - Owner Colourfull Creations, coach, instructor, programmer and more.

    • Training - Our products come with extensive training to get you up and going quick.

    • Support - If you have a problem, question, comment, whatever. We’re here to listen and to help. We have an easy to access support desk where we can address any issues you might have.

    • We stand behind our products - by providing enhancements and bug fixes. These are the same products we use in our business.

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